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A Different
to Energy


Lower your electricity cost by 10% to 50% through the use of solar.


Meet 100% of your sustainability goals by implementing wind into your energy portfolio.

Energy Storage

Drastically reduce your demand (kW) costs with the next energy technology.


Hedge your energy costs from rising utility rates and price spikes.

Solomon Energy is an energy advisory firm assisting clients to implement
solar, wind, energy storage and supply projects helping them to lower cost, hedge against  
energy price spikes and meet their sustainability goals.


Detailed Technical Review & Project Assessment

It is critical to have a clear, unbiased understanding of the technical and financial aspects of a project. This can save you from pursuing, advocating and investing resources into projects that are non-viable.

  • Review of Current Energy Usage and Current Energy Contracts

  • Determine Project Structure - Net Metered, Virtual Net Metered or Synthetic 

  • Determine Installation Type - Roof, Land, Third-Party Offsite, Carports

  • Solar & Wind System Sizing, Design, Engineering, System Layouts and Technical Specifications Analysis

  • Energy Storage Data Analytics, Modeling, System Sizing, Revenue Value Streams Using Proprietary Advanced Algorithm Software

  • Identify Equipment and Installation Costs

  • Assess Contract and Financing Structures

  • Understanding of Current Marketing Pricing

  • Analysis of Changing Regulations and Incentive Programs

  • Gauge Interest in Project(s) By Energy Providers

Lower Cost Through A Competitive Bidding Process

Think of Solomon Energy as your internal energy department: We work with your staff, management, and boards to evaluate your energy needs, administer an RFP process, review competitive quotes from best in-class regional and national energy providers. This streamlined process frees your staff and drives down costs.


  • Conduct an RFP or an RFQ

  • Introduction to Energy Providers, Installers and Financiers 

  • Apples-to-Apples Comparison of Proposals

  • Meet Municipal or Corporate Procurement Requirements

  • Determine Prevailing Wage Requirements

  • Work with Your External Law Firms, Accountants, and Tax Professionals

  • Detailed Analysis of Bids and Proposals

  • Recommendation of Best Option

Navigate Complex Regulations & Incentive Programs

The ever-changing regulations that impact a project are impossible to understand without deep experience. Government and utility incentives can dramatically reduce your project costs. But understanding what incentives are available – and then getting them – is a daunting task.

  • Net Metering (NEM)

  • Remote Net Metering (RNM) and Virtual Net Meeting (VNM)

  • Community or Shared Solar (CDG) 

  • Behind-the-meter Battery Storage 

  • Distributed Energy Resources (DER) and Value of Distributed Energy Resources (VDER)

  • Prevailing Wage

  • Local Zoning, Permitting, Land Use and Environmental Approvals

  • Tax PILOTS

  • Utility Interconnections and Costs

  • 30% Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) for Solar and Energy Storage

  • NYSERDA MW Block Solar Incentive

  • CT ZREC Incentive

  • CA SGIP Energy Storage Incentive

  • Capacity Programs and Demand Response for Energy Storage

Identify & Manage Energy Project Risk

Energy projects are often long term and can have significant financial risks associated with them. By performing thorough due diligence, decision makers can have the confidence they're entering into a good deal.


  • Historical Energy Rate Analysis

  • Future Energy Rates

  • Change in Law Risk

  • Contract Term and Terminations Risk

  • Construction Risks

  • Contract Assignment Rights

  • Energy Provider Bankruptcy & Counterparty Risk

  • Wholesale Energy Rates (LMP), ISO, Hub and Node Pricing

  • Wholesale Energy Congestion and Curtailment

  • Production and Availability Guarantees and Penalties

Deal Structuring, Contract Negotiating, & Financing

Selecting the right agreement structure and negotiating complex contract documents is one of the most critical components in executing a project. We help you by identifying and negotiating the complex agreements with energy providers. A goal of ours is to help you identify and implement agreements that allow you to start saving immediately with $0 capital costs and $0 impact on operating budgets.


  • Power Purchase Agreements (PPA)

  • Operating Leases

  • EPC Agreements

  • Synthetic PPAs, SREC and REC Contracts

  • Electric and Natural Gas Supply Contracts

  • Shared Savings Agreements (Battery Storage)

  • PACE Financing

  • Greenbank Financing

  • Tax Equity Financing

  • Site Hosting Agreements - Solar and Energy Storage

  • Contracts of Differences

  • Review of Credit Rating

  • Interactions of Existing Contracts with Mircogrids

  • Blockchain for Solar, Energy Storage and Microgrids

  • Value of DER Contract Structures

  • Structuring of Financing for Solar+Storage Projects


Assurance for
Decision Makers

There can be immense financial and organization consequences for poorly reviewed projects.  Due to this decision makers are often apprehensive to approve energy projects. Don't let this limit your ability to reduce energy costs.

  • Ease of Mind for Decision Makers

  • Unburden Staff

  • Confirmation of Lowest Rates

  • Benchmarking of Project to Others

  • Confirmation that Contracts Match Negotiated Terms

  • Confirmations for your Internal Staff and Services Providers such as In-house Counsel, External Law firms, Accountants and Tax Professionals. 

  • Easily Educate Boards and Management on Key Elements of Projects














Making smart, well-informed energy decisions has become an increasingly complex process. The onslaught of competing energy providers, new technologies and an ever-changing landscape of regulations, incentives and financing options have overwhelmed decision makers and often slowed down worthwhile projects.

Phase 1

Energy Review


Solomon Energy partners with our clients to evaluate the best cost saving solutions whether solar, wind, energy storage, and supply. By performing a detailed review of a client's energy needs we identify a project's viability and savings ability. We then advise on the best approach to implement.

Phase 2
Project Development


If a project is viable we assist our clients through the entire process of developing and implementing a project. Solomon performs a competitive bidding process, deep regulatory review and thorough analysis of the options. We then educate your decision makers on the next steps. 

Phase 3

Action & Savings


Solomon Energy performs final contract negotiations and finalizes all project agreements with the selected energy provider. We oversee the entire project until it is implemented. Once a project is complete we review the performance and recommendations on additional energy-savings opportunities.


a different approach to energy.

Your Advisers,

Not Installers

We sit on your side of the table. We fully understand that you've been approached by any and every solar, energy storage and energy supplier out there. You've been besieged by confusing and often high-pressure sales presentations. We're not here to sell you anything but rather we're here to help you navigate the complexities, safeguard your interests and negotiate the lowest rates.

100% Success

Based Fees.

Seriously, No Catch

Having worked with hundreds of your fellow energy users we understand your tight budgets. We invest in a relationship with you and we're are paid only if you enter into an agreement on a project with an energy provider. Moreover, you incur NO out-of-pocket costs for our services. If you proceed with a project, we're paid by the energy provider you select.

Why Choose
Solomon Energy?

Our team consists of some of the energy industry's foremost experts in the areas of energy project development, financing, legal and regulations. We have advised and developed projects ranging in size from 500 kW to 250 MW. Our deep understanding of the current market pricing, regulations, and incentive programs sets us apart from consultants, engineering firms, law firms and other service providers.


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Silgan Containers
Connecticut College

Management Team

Jeffrey Mayer
Jeffrey Mayer
  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Jeff is a leader in energy supply having developed and managed some of the largest independent retail energy providers in the United States.

Chris Whitman
Chris Whitman
  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Chris has an extensive experience in the review and financing of renewable energy having arranged the financing for approximately $1.4 billion of solar projects.

Jeffrey Conrad
Jeffrey Conrad
  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Jeff is an expert in solar and energy storage having assisted clients in the analysis, development and implementation of over 100 MW of solar and energy storage projects.



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