Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency
We provides energy efficiency advisory and brokerage services

Make improvements such as lighting to reduce peak demand charges, increasing the building's green marketability.



Solomon Energy provides energy efficiency advisory and brokerage services for the design and installation of lighting, HVAC and building envelope improvements. By managing the entire development process ­ from engineering to procurement to project completion ­ we avoid delays, ensure contractors' cooperation, secure all available incentives, and maximize energy savings and return on investment.

  • Energy efficiency - experts in financing.
  • Integrated, no cost RFP process.
  • Review proposals and negotiate lowest costs.
  • Safeguard against conflicts of interest and misinformation.
  • Cost bid and in the field construction management through experienced regional partners

Energy Efficiency Technologies

Solomon Energy’s clients benefit from its unique flexibility to adopt to new and more efficient technologies. Contractors have an organizational bias that promotes inventory they maintain or knowledge and skills their employees possess. By contrast, our client advisory model permits us to maximize your savings by finding the latest, most efficient solutions to your needs.

  • Lighting
  • HVAC
  • Envelope sealing
  • Distribution systems and controls
  • Back up power solutions

Why Choose Energy Efficiency?

  • Dramatically reduce energy costs.
  • Hedge against rising utility rates.
  • Lower peak demand costs.
  • Take advantage of rebate programs before they run out.
  • Promote and market energy efficiency and renewable energy buildings.

Unique Value for Clients

  • Streamline review of feasibility of a project.
  • Build an economic case for investment.
  • Avoid out of pocket costs.
  • Pay only for performance.
  • Safeguard against misleading information.
  • Maximize savings.
  • Improve cash flows.
  • Avoid conflicts of interest.
  • Select proven technologies.
  • Develop and manage streamlined competitive bid or RFP process based on clients requirements.
  • Reduce burden on staff by sifting through competing bids.